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Our Impact


2015/16 Sustainable Communities Award – City of London

20 Years in Paddington

Impacts Since 2000

  • 11,000 people into jobs
  • 540 new business start-ups
  • 668 people achieving NVQ Levels 1 – 3
  • 9,000 young people accessing services
  • 50,000 volunteering hours
  • 100,000 health and community visits to the Stowe Centre

My name is Bouchra, it is great working with you champions. I’m a new champion but I already gained a lot of experience. Last week I spoke to my son’s school head teacher about the programme that we do in some schools: Snack Right. He was impressed and he told me that we can do it at his school. In addition to that, working with the elderly people has given me a taste for my life. When one of them told me that she was so happy that we do that for them – she found it very important for them. I was very touched about her saying that. The other day I went with Marisa to update the community noticeboards; I enjoyed getting to know her and sharing new information with the community

Community Champion

2019 so far

  • 78 people helped into jobs
  • 400 hours specialist employment advice
  • 215 students achieving NVQs 1 – 3
  • 65 local volunteer Health and Maternity Champions
  • 3,894 hours of volunteering
  • Reaching 6,083 people through local health campaigns

All I needed was for someone to see my potential and give me a chance Thank you!


Community Champions Full Report

Social return on investment (SROI) analysis of Tri-Borough Public Health

Download the Community Champions Full Report  (PDF)