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Young People

Filmmaker Wendie Pinto-Duschinsky

For the relatives of those who died, for those who knew them, for those who lived in Grenfell’s shadow – life has changed for ever. Like the young people who’d been working on a documentary – with film-maker Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky- about the closure of a youth club in North Kensington when the fire broke out. They turned their attention to the people caught up in the tragedy – and to those who volunteered in the days afterwards.

Filmmaker Adrienne McKenzie and Grenfell volunteers Swarzy Macaly and Reece Yerboah discuss the continuing impacts of the Grenfell fire.

Channel Four News – Grenfell volunteer people came as strangers and left as friends

The Young Westminster Foundation

We are an exciting cross-sector partnership, creating a community of member and partner organisations. Together we are shaping opportunities and creating the best services for children and young people in Westminster.

Our role is to act as a voice of the children and young people’s sector for Westminster. We support our members with information sharing, advice, networking opportunities, training and grants. We work on behalf of our members to develop long-term partnerships with businesses, public sector partners, individuals and major funders. Partnerships facilitate support and broker funding for our members.

Most importantly, we give young people a voice in leading the development of the YWF.
Link to the Young Westminster Foundation website

Facing Forward

Element invites you to join them in celebrating the creativity of care leavers.

Over 6 weeks, Element Young Creatives from Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea have explored their interests, their strengths, what makes them unique, and where they want their lives to go. They have made paintings, taken photographs, written poetry, devised drama pieces, crafted fabrics …

Wednesday the 4th December at Grand Junction, Rowington Close, W2 5TF
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